Bottle-Free Water Cooler

Looking to get water for your office but tired of storing and lugging the heavy 5-gallon jugs around? Bottle-free water coolers provide great tasting filtered water in hot, cold, and even ambient! Your Bottle-Free Water Cooler can be installed almost anywhere in the office, so employee access to better water is always within reach.

Our sales representative will work with you to determine the type of cooler, number of coolers, and the best filtration system needed to make the water in your office, plant, or other place of business taste great.

L&L Delivery will deliver the coolers to your office, install the coolers and the water filters, and then come out every 6 months to clean and sanitize the unit as well as change the filters. You will never run out of water with a Bottle-Free cooler.

Top five reasons why you should switch to Bottle-Free Water Coolers

  1. 1. Eliminates need to store or order water bottles and no more lifting heavy water jugs!
  2. 2. Keep plastic out of the landfills and move towards “green” initiatives
  3. 3. Enjoy endless water without a delivery schedule
  4. 4. One monthly fee - may save you money
  5. 5. Several filtrations available & multiple temperature controls

Make an appointment with your sales representative today!