Flavia C150

Flavia's C150 is a single-cup brewer that uses unique filterpacks. The C150 makes Mars Drinks' full line of Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea available to small-to-mid-size offices. Use the "two-pack" option to brew "indulgent" drinks such as cappuccino and chai latte.

Unlike Flavia's first-generation small-office brewer, the SB100, the new-and-improved C150 features two-pack drinks, an easy-fill detachable water tank, and a vertically-adjustable brew head for different sizes of cups or mugs. It is smaller and lighter than the C200 model, but unlike the C200, the C150 cannot be plumbed-in.

Thanks to their ease of use, Flavia machines have become our most popular office coffee solution. Gone are the days of the office quarrel over which blend of coffee to brew, and dealing with hours-old coffee in cumbersome glass pots that no one wants to clean. Each user can brew their own cup of true, fresh coffee, on demand in under a minute. Waste and clean-up are nearly non-existent.

Usage: Commercial
Power: 1,400W watts
Voltage: 120VAC
Weight: 12lbs (5.5kg)
Dimensions: 9.1"W, 14.4"H, 13.5"D
Brochure: Download