Keurig BOLT

The BoltTM Z6000 Carafe Brewing System delivers a 64 oz. pot of coffee in about two minutes and features high quality, consumer recognized coffee brands. Now everybody can share the coffee they love out of a Keurig Carafe. The Keurig® BoltTM system will transform the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee whether it be in a workplace, hotel or cafeteria setting. 1. Faster Brewing Speed: The BoltTM brewer can deliver 64 oz. of delicious coffee in about two minutes. 2. Consistent Quality and Taste: The sealed BoltTM packs keep coffee grounds fresh. Since the coffee is pre-measured, your freshly brewed coffee will always have the excellent, consistent taste Keurig is known for. 3. Greater Convenience, Better Operating Efficiency: The Keurig® BoltTM system uses convenient BoltTM packs.

With the ideal brewing environment inside, these packs require no pre-measuring and have no messy filters or spilled grounds to clean up. The dynamic Color Touchscreen is programmable and makes it simple to brew a pot of coffee and dispense hot water. The BOLTTM system comes with one (1) custom Thermal Carafe, specially designed for use with the BoltTM brewer. This stainless lined thermal carafe maintains the ideal coffee temperature for up to 2 hours with no need for a separate warming unit. This brewer has a Color LCD Touchscreen that provides step-by-step brewing instructions in English, Spanish and French. It is also programmable for Temperature, Time, Date, and Auto On and Off features. In addition to having a UL Commercial listing, the BoltTM brewer and thermal carafe are both certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in foodservice outlets.

Usage: Commercial
Power: 1,460 watts
Voltage: 120VAC
Weight:55 lbs. empty
Dimensions: 18.0"L X 15.5"W X 19.0"H
Brochure: Download